Scope of services

Labour law

We provide our services to business entities employing staff as well as to single entities - employees.

Long-standing experience in this field allow us to see a problem from the point of view of both parties of a dispute, which brings quantifiable benefits both at the pre-trial stage and in the course of court proceedings.

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We offer legal assistance in terms of:

  • assessment of employment contracts, managerial contracts, preparing non-competition agreements, work rules and remuneration rules, individual and collective material liability contracts as well as civil law agreements (contracts for specific work, contracts for mandate) being the basis for establishing economic cooperation.

  • representing our Clients in disputes concerning employment relationship, including disputes related to questioning the correctness of contract termination or cancellation of employment, determining the existence of an employment relationship, non-competition clauses as well as any others pecuniary claims arising from employment under employment contracts,

  • judicial enforcement of redundancy pay and accidents at work compensation.

Civil law

We have a long-standing experience in handling court and out-of-court cases in civil matters. We represent our Clients before common courts at each level of jurisdiction, executive bodies and arbitration courts.

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Our reach experience and individual approach to every Client’s case allow us to deliver a comprehensive legal services in terms of:

  • contract law, including preparing civil law contracts and the assessment of such contracts, handling cases related to failure to perform or improper performance of contractual obligations, including judicial enforcement of damages and contractual penalties,
  • non-contractual obligation law, including judicial enforcement of damages and compensations for traffic accidents, medical malpractices, damage caused by unlawful activity or failure in exercising official authority,
  • property law, including representing our Clients in cases concerning the protection of property rights, possession rights, release of objects, interference with ownership as well as the determination of usucaption of a real estate, co-ownership dissolution and establishment of easement,
  • law of succession, including representing our Clients in cases concerning confirmation of inheritance acquisition, disinheritance, legitime, confirmation of unworthy successor and proceedings related to division of estate.

Commercial law

Basing on our rich experience, our Firm handles cases related to commercial law both in terms of individual proceedings as well as legal services provided for business entities on an ongoing services.  We represent entrepreneurs - partnerships, joint stock companies and natural persons running a business activity - before all courts, authorities and institutions.

In this area our services include preparing trade agreements of all kinds such as sale, leasing, commission and agency agreements, construction works agreements, franchise and lease agreements, in accordance with our Clients’ needs and expectations. Our lawyers has also an experience in the area of the law on bills of exchange and cheques, securities law as well as bankruptcy and composition law.

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In the area of the broadly defined commercial law we handle:

  • preparing and assessing commercial agreements as well as comprehensive transaction services
  • enforcing accounts receivable, making claims for performance of an agreement, compensations for failure to perform or improper performance of an agreement, enforcing receivables from securities,
  • creating, transforming as well as liquidation of commercial law companies, foundations, associations, branches of companies and representative offices of foreign entities, trading shares and stocks of companies,
  • preparing companies’ internal acts such as regulations, articles of association, resolutions and protocols of shareholders meetings,
  • representing entities in bankruptcy and recovery proceedings,
  • handling proceedings related to civil and penal liability of members of management boards, supervisory boards, scrutiny committees.

Administrative law

Similarly to what we offer to our Clients in the area of civil law, here we are able to provide them with legal counselling related to both substantive administrative law and administrative proceedings.

The lawyers from our Office offer their assistance in different matters of substantive administrative law: State Treasury’s liability for damage, construction law, legal administrative regulations of conducting a business activity (also known as public commercial law), a contract awarding procedure.

We provide legal assistance in proceedings before administrative bodies and administrative courts..

Comprehensive legal services of debt-collection processes

Our Office specializes also in comprehensive legal services in debt-collection processes. We have a profound experience in the area of enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy and reorganization law.

We suggest the form of remuneration which will be convenient for a Client, also taking into account the effectiveness of legal actions taken by the Office.

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Within the scope of the above-mentioned legal services, the Office I run undertake in particular the following legal and actual actions:

  • preliminary assessment of an appropriate way of court proceedings, time and costs of enforcement, recommendations of a way of enforcing accounts receivable and handling urgent cases, where it is necessary to interrupt the limitation period;
  • preparing procedural documentation;
  • making attempts of: pre-trial debts recovery and debts recovery through conciliation - negotiations with debtors;
  • handling pre-trial proceedings to secure claims;
  • obtaining an enforceable title necessary to initiate the enforcement proceedings - submitting applications for a declaration of enforceability to be appended to enforceable titles and filing suits for payment to courts;
  • initiating, where necessary, a conciliatory proceeding;
  • conducting proceedings in cases of issuing a writ of execution on debtors, their guarantors and spouses;
  • active cooperation with a selected enforcement officer in order to conduct bankruptcy proceedings;
  • conducting proceedings against members of management boards if the execution against such people became ineffective;
  • submission of claims in bankruptcy proceedings and supervision over bankruptcy proceedings;
  • cooperation with official receivers carrying out bankruptcy proceedings;
  • The Office cooperates with selected highly effective enforcement officers on the entire area of Poland. Well qualified lawyers ensure efficient and professional legal service in debt-collection process. In the area of debt collecting, our Office also cooperates on a regular basis with AVS Polska Sp. z o.o., debt collection agency, established in 1997 as a subsidiary of Austrian AVS Group holding, specialising in collecting debts for business customers and financial institutions.
  • The basic area of activity of AVS Polska is broadly defined debt collecting as well as services supporting operational and credit risk management.
  • A wide range of services offered by AVS Polska includes:
  • Management of receivables and debt collecting:
  • monitoring receivables in maturities,
  • pre-collection with the elements of on-site actions
  • on-site collection of debts and objects,
  • services of supporting the risk management,
  • inspections and on-site verifications,
  • investigation services - asset reports and anti-fraud analysis,
  • warehouse inventory audits.

The services offered by AVS Polska can be implemented separately in a selected range, but also collectively, constituting a comprehensive, integrated monitoring and debt collecting system, covering the whole life cycle of a given debt.  Highly-qualified AVS Polska staff, located in the entire country, together with modern IT and telecommunication solutions guarantee the realisation of high quality services at an attractive price. At the same time, international nature of AVS Group is also the guarantee of taking rapid actions outside the borders of Poland, thanks to the possibility of cooperating with affiliate companies located in 14 countries of Central and Easter Europe. More information on the website


We also specialise in services for non-profit organisations, including foundations, associations, federations, public benefit institutions and any other non-governmental, professional and social organisations.

Despite the fact that profit is not the main objective of the above-mentioned entities, taking actions of an economic nature, including those which bring profits, is not excluded. In such a case, the Office offers legal assistance related to services intended for entrepreneurs.

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Scope of services:

  • assistance in establishing the above-mentioned entities, including preparing necessary documentation (statutes, founding acts etc.), and the analysis of such documentation, handling proceedings before registering authorities (KRS - National Court Register, competent authorities)
  • making changes to existing entities, developing and registering changes of acts on which the activity is based, creating branches and legal offices etc.,
  • obtaining the status of public benefit institutions.

Intellectual property rights

Our Office has a rich experience in legal counselling in the area of intellectual property rights, including in particular copyrights and related rights, press law and industrial property rights

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In the area of a given speciality:

  • we develop procedures and documentation aiming to provide the protection of confidential information, know-how and a business secret,
  • we prepare applications for trademarks, industrial designs, utility models and inventions in the registration procedure before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and we handle application proceedings up to a moment when required protection by a given law is obtained,
  • we advise on the management of industrial property rights - among others, we monitor the duration of protection, prepare the modifications of rights and extend the duration of protection,
  • we prepare and negotiate contracts for the assignment of intellectual property rights and granting licences for the right to use a given intellectual property right.
  • we represent our Clients in disputes related to the infringement of copyrights and related rights, patents, protection rights for utility models, protection rights for trademarks and rights resulting from the registration of industrial designs, both in terms of civil and penal proceedings,
  • we handle disputes related to the protection of personal rights of natural and legal persons as well as other legal entities,
  • we prepare legal opinions related to intellectual property rights.

Criminal law

The Office represents Clients in all cases related to broadly defined criminal liability.

We have a rich experience in providing assistance to every person being a victim of an offence, including subsidiary prosecutors, private prosecutors and claimants as well as in taking efficient actions as barristers on the stage of prosecutorial proceedings, court proceedings and enforcement proceedings.

The knowledge of civil, trade and tax law allows us to represent effectively our Clients in proceedings related to economic and fiscal offences pending before Tax Offices acting as a body conducting preparatory proceedings as well as in proceedings conducted at a judicial phase.

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Thanks to our experience we are able to help to people who apply for:

  • aggregated sentence;
  • parole;
  • prison leave;
  • order on serving imprisonment sentence;
  • deferment of imprisonment sentence,
  • suspension of imprisonment sentence,
  • discontinuation, postponement, dividing a fine into instalments,
  • conversion of awarded fine into the substitutive penalty of imprisonment or community sentence,
  • expungement.