About us

Our comprehensive legal services include:

  • legal counselling and consultations,
  • preparing and verifying contracts, letters and regulations,
  • preparing legal opinions
  • representing our Clients before courts and authorities of all kind.

The team of our firm persists in their efforts to constitute a firm serving as the model of professionalism in terms of legal services.  We perform the legal services not only in Warsaw but also, if needed, in the entire country.

Our team of employees and collaborators consists of a legal counsellor, two advocates and two articling students.

Our lawyers have ongoing access to all latest changes in regulations, judgements and comments. This is thanks to the professional legal information system - Lex Wolters Kluwer.

Our firm cooperates closely with notaries, enforcement officers, property valuers and debt collection agencies. It guarantees the comprehensiveness of our services and the security at each stage of order performance.

We benefit from the above-mentioned possibilities in a flexible way, which is individually adjusted to our Clients’ needs. Following these rules our firm is able to offer you legal services, their performance and form of remuneration that will fully meet your requirements.


Each case is different and demands a different kind of commitment as well as different workload.  That is why the remuneration is settle individually, after we familiarise ourself with the case and discuss it with our Client. We accept the following types of settlements:

  • monthly lump sum remuneration if an agreement for the ongoing legal services provided to a customer’s enterprise is signed, with the possibility of making changes to the remuneration depending of the time devoted to a case in a given month,
  • lump sum remuneration for all services if it is possible to approximate the workload,
  • hourly remuneration if it is not possible to approximate the workload,
  • lump sum remuneration plus the performance-related fee in the case of large receivables and/or difficult court cases.